Blueprints for a skyscraper

Cyanotypes are an early photographic process that exploits the UV sensitivity of ferric compounds to transfer images. It came into widespread use as ‘blueprints’ – copies of hand-drawn plans – which, in spy thrillers at least, became the object of much secrecy and treachery.

These blueprints draw on this material history to create shroud-like images, recalling the religious iconography of the Mandylion or Image of Edessa, a cloth upon which the face of Christ had been imprinted and said to be the first religious icon.

Like the Turin Shroud, another photographically-imprinted holy relic, these blueprints record shadows of icons of The Skyscraper Index, gathered together with additional items of devotion – candles, beads, flowers, glasses, ribbons, foliage – creating mysterious shrine-like images. Drawing further on a multiplicity of religious iconographies, a pantheon of minor saints from Alan Greenspan to JP Morgan – each referring to the pertinent financial crisis – surround the central figure(s) in adoration.