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“Don’t flush it down the loo! Save your pee and fertilize your garden! Because it is not recycled, our urine is wasted and pollutes the water system. Yet it could provide 50%-100% of the nutrients needed to grow our food. Use your pee to make a liquid manure: recycle, save water and energy, and prevent pollution, all at the same time! “

Liquid Gold: The Lore and Logic of Using Urine to Grow Plants

“Assuming the safety issues are satisfactorily addressed, then the grossness issue is cultural programing and you should think about if it’s programming you want to keep in your brain. Most gardeners, after all, are pleased as punch to get ahold of a big load of cow poop for their garden, and that fertilizer has a far greater chance of spreading harmful pathogens than pee.”

How To Use Pee In Your Garden

“Urine is 95% water but it’s what’s in that other 5% that’s important. 2.5% is urea, a nitrogen-rich organic compound formed from the breakdown of protein in the human body. The remaining 2.5% is minerals such as potassium and phosphorous and other dissolved ions, salts, hormones, other compounds and metabolites.”

Taking the pee: is urine a good fertiliser?

“Because nitrogen has the shortest life in the soil, being easily washed out by heavy rain for example, it is the one element to concentrate on and with crops that are in the ground for a long time worth applying in stages rather than one go.”

General info about gardening with fertilisers