Artemis of the Lea

commissioned by UCL Culture, 2019

Wandering and wondering with Dr. James Cann

For UCL, 2019

Interview for Sculpture in the City

On 'A Worldwide Web of Somewheres', 2018

Coverage from It’s Nice That

For Unreal Estates, 2018

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Mini-interview with Urban Junkies

For Unreal Estates, 2018

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Brief spot on London Live (from 1m10)

For Sculpture in the City 2018

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Interview commissioned for British Airways

London & Stoke-on-Trent, 2017

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Video doc for Shadow Play

Brunel Museum, London, 2013

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Video doc for Sound Tracks Festival

London Overground, 2011

The concept of Sound Tracks festival is so unexpectedly ingenious but simple it makes you wonder why no one had thought of it…

East London Lines magazine

On 'Sound Tracks', 2011

The proposal is magical, poetic, affecting and immediately transformative…

Michael Morris

Co-director of Artangel, 2012