Unreal Estates pt.I

A nomadic estate agency tours the UK. First stop: Dalston

10 painters and writers commissioned to respond collaboratively to the theme of domestic interiors; the results presented as property listings, both on a estate agent-type website and in an exhibition.

The project critiques the homogenisation of interiors, a concept described by writers such as Kyle Chayka in his description of ‘Airspace’, for example. Gathered together, the works are a subtle commentary on the state of the property market and the trend of property as investment, rather than a place where lives are lived.

Unreal Estates website – click to view

The exhibition takes place in a working estate agency, a place where property is valued (in financial terms) every day: juxtaposing the monotone interiors of commodified property with the vibrant and dreamlike scenes of painters and writers.

The plan is to tour the project, commissioning new writers and painters in cities and towns across Britain: forming a window into contemporary artistic & literary practice in that city, as well as a view on these places and the themes that preoccupy the dreams and imagination of people living here at this moment.

Visit the Unreal Estates website to see all the commissioned works.