Infrastructure & Superstructure – a walk around the City

At the end of Part I of our walking tour around the City of London I stood everyone down the steps to the Thames near Cannon St and talked about the Hanseatic League, Cannon St’s suburban services, BT Mondial House, waste disposal barges at Walbrook Dock, and Julian Baggini‘s ideas about systems, efficiency and Britishness.

Feedback from the tour:

‘Infrastructure & Superstructure’ was an eye-opener and Amanda’s expertise and enthusiasm inspiring. Thank you!

I attended Amanda Lwin’s walk and I thought it was amazing. I didn’t realise it would be based around history of the area/buildings which I was very pleasantly surprised about. Amanda was really sweet and to my surprise she took us to a few spots I wasn’t aware of – which is great!

We had a wonderful talk and tour by Amanda Lwin, on the infrastructure of the City of London. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough. Amanda was knowledgeable, engaging and thoughtful, and had obviously put a lot of effort into preparing. The walk was fascinating and we learnt so much.

Here’s the reading list. 

Reading list


  • Maya Jasanoff – The Dawn Watch: Joseph Conrad in a Global World
  • Peter Ackroyd – London: The Biography | Chapters: 60. What Lies Beneath; 10. Maps and Antiquarians
  • Niall Ferguson – The Square and the Tower: Networks, Hierarchies and the Struggle for Global Power
  • Jonathan Meades – Museum Without Walls
  • Phil Lapsley – Exploding the Phone



  • Kontroll, d. Nimród Antal, 2003
  • The Last Train through the Harecastle Tunnel, d. Alan Clarke, 1969

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The readings can be downloaded here.

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