Sculpture in the City

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve been selected to participate in Sculpture in the City, a cultural initiative that turns the City of London to an urban sculpture park.

Exceptionally for this programme, which usually showcases already-existing works, I will be making this installation specifically for this site, Leadenhall Market, in the heart of the City.

Leadenhall Market.

The new work will be from my Capricious Cartography series – handwoven nets inspired by Polynesian fishing net-maps – which was developed from a Venice fellowship with the British Council.

Sculpture in the City launches to the public on 30 June and the new work will be up until May 2019.

This year, artists participating include Marina Abramovich, Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas. Previous years have featured Yayoi Kusuma, Ai Wei Wei and Anish Kapoor.

The selection jury this year was Iwona Blazwick (Director Whitechapel Gallery), Stephen Feeke (Director New Art Centre), Jane Allison (Head of Galleries Barbican) Wendy Fisher (Art Collector and Philanthropist), Robert Hiscox (Honorary Chairman Hiscox), and Whitney Hinz (Hiscox Curator).


Official Press Release (PDF)

Lacuna Projects newsletter

Last year’s programme (PDF)

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      – Maya Jasanoff, The Dawn Watch: Joseph Conrad in a Global World