Autumn Exhibitions

– Solo and duo presentations this month
– LORDSHIP included in group shows

I’m delighted to invite you to two exhibitions in London this Autumn:

The Cartographer Tries to Map her Way to Deptford | A site specific installation woven over a cafe courtyard on Deptford High Street

The Rebellious Script | A two-person show featuring photographic installation (Geoff Titley) and machine-cut sculpture (Amanda Lwin)


The Cartographer Tries to Map her Way to Deptford

A canopy woven over the heads of diners at Deli X. Although apparently abstract, the lines and knots map out the location of power networks in Deptford. At dusk as darkness creeps over the courtyard, tiny lights glimmer in the web. These lights match up with the location of constellations above the courtyard at the end of September.

The net is woven using macramé, a technique of making textiles through knotting rope – a crude form of lacework. Macramé is particularly associated with sailors who would spend spare hours on board making hammocks, fishing nets, belts and bracelets for sale at shore. Polynesian fishing nets, in particular, doubled their utility – by mapping wind and sea currents, they also became an aid to navigation.

Finishing a braid in the rain

The public intellectual Charles Leadbeater believes that cities are made up of systems and empathy. Without one or the other places become unliveable. The woven canopy appears to link the intricate and pragmatic messiness of what lies beneath our feet with eternal astral movements above.

Do systems serve us, or do we serve the System? Is the canopy a shelter, or a netted cage?

The title of the piece refers to the 2014 Forward Prizewinning collection of poems by Kei Miller, The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion, in which a Cartographer and a Rastafarian dispute the properties and capabilities of mapmaking in asserting control over territory.

Deli X
154 Deptford High Street, SE8 3PQ
22 – 30 September Mon-Sat 9am-6pm, closed Sunday
Private View 21 September 6-9pm

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The Rebellious Script

I’m pleased to present some works from my series The Skyscraper Index, in conjunction with new work from photographer Geoff Titley in a special show for Art Licks Weekend.

The Shard / Global Financial Crisis, Zinc-coated steel

The machine-cut sculptures presented are based on the tallest buildings of an era – which match up uncannily to financial crises. The perforated metal alludes to electronic hardware, financial wizardry, esotericism and mystic religion– creating objects that are both familiar and strange, everyday and incomprehensible.

Titley, in turn, visits the natural landscape and offers his interpretation of a technological view through recursive imaging and the seeds of inceptionism.

A-Side B-Side Gallery
352 Mare Street, Hackney E8 1HR
29 Sep – 1 Oct 12-6pm
Private View 28 Sep 6-9pm

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LORDSHIP is on tour, after August’s show at Divine Locale Festival in Derby, the glass houses are now travelling to National Trust Eastbury Manor for most of September. They’ll be on display as part of Barking Arts Trail, where offices, schools, civic buildings, community spaces, shop windows, gardens, pubs and restaurants will become a town-wide art gallery. Definitely worth a visit!

In October I’m pleased that the houses will be showing at KLEPTOMANIA, a group show in Stoke Newington that’s located very close – less than a mile – from the original site of their inspiration.

Barking Arts Trail
Eastbury Manor House
Eastbury Square
London IG11 9SN
Fri 8 – Fri 29 September

Chalmers Bequest Gallery
18 Edwards Lane
London N16 0UL
Sun 8 – Fri 13 October

Hope you can make it to some of these shows!

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